Glossary of Terms

Bulging Disc
Diffuse extension of the disc contour beyond the margins of the disc space involving greater that 50% of the disc circumference.

Disc Herniation
Displacement of disc tissue through disrupted annular fibers resulting in a localized contour abnormality of the disc that may or may not result in mass effect on adjacent structures.

Type of disc herniation in which the inner annular fibers are disrupted but outer annular fibers remain intact. Results in focal contour abnormality of disc without allowing disc material to migrate.

Type of disc herniation in which outer annular fibers are also disrupted allowing internal disc material to extend beyond disc contour and possibly migrate.

Free fragment herniation (sequestration)
a disc extrusion that has a portion of the herniated disc material break free from the parent disc into a separate disc fragment.

Nomenclature and Classification of Lumbar Disc Pathology


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